British Selection

Creative Foods is proud to produce a range of delicious British recipes.

British SelectionLiver & Onions
Tender slices of lambs liver and roasted onions with a rich slightly sweet gravy

Irish Stew
Diced shoulder of lamb cooked in a light lamb stock with chunky leeks carrots, potatoes and pearl barley

British SelectionBeef Medallions in Horseradish & Juniper Berry Jus
Tender beef medallions smothered in a creamy horseradish and juniper berry jus

Venison Casserole
Slow cooked venison in a thyme-infused gravy, finished with mixed spices and vegetables

British SelectionLamb Casserole with Dumplings
Slow cooked diced lambs leg with carrots and leeks in rich herb gravy, served with bacon and parsley dumplings