Italian Selection

The pasta for our lasagnes is freshly made in our factory. The dried pasta for this range is processed in house using the latest cook-chill equipment.


Beef & Pancetta Lasagne
Three layers of fresh pasta interleaved with a rich red wine bolognese with pancetta, topped with a creamy béchamel sauce


Italian SelectionSpinach & Ricotta Cannelloni
Two individual cannelloni filled with spinach & ricotta on a chunky tomato passata sauce, topped with a cream mascarpone béchamel, cheddar & mozzarella


Italian SelectionAberdeen Angus Lasagne
Four layers of fresh pasta interleaved with a rich Aberdeen Angus bolognese sauce with chianti & fresh herbs.  Topped with a creamy mascarpone béchamel


Italian SelectionSpaghetti Bolognese
An authentic Italian Bolognese with red wine, porcini, Italian cheese and fresh spaghetti