Natural Inspiration

We take sourcing of our ingredients seriously, using only the best suppliers to guarantee quality and freshness. Our aim is to remove all unnecessary additives, including artificial flavours and colours and also hydrogenated fats from our products.

Natural InspirationAll our new product development is based on “clean” ingredient lists.

Our products are all frozen immediately after production, to maintain product quality and consistency. We take pride in the fresh meat we source. The flavour and texture are significant to the wonderful taste of all finished products. Each delivery is checked against a stringent and detailed specification.

Our dairy ingredients are supplied daily in order to guarantee their freshness. Upon delivery, we check to make sure that they meet the highest quality standards and offer the best flavour, texture and consistency for use in our recipes.

Our vegetables are sourced from the UK and Europe, enabling us to provide the quality our customers demand. We ensure that our vegetables have not been damaged or pre-cooked before arrival to us. Because some of our vegetables come from some distance, we source them from a field frozen process which ensures the natural flavour, vitamins and minerals are locked in while they are still fresh. Special partnerships with growers around the world means if we don’t stock it, we can find it!